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Minibus Hire Wokingham | Taxis Wokingham

Trust the reputable taxi service providers in Wokingham, if you expect on-time and professional handling every time you want to travel around the city. We have a diverse range of vehicles that make our fleet a one of kind. If you are hitting the road with the boys, try our 8-9 seat minibus hire package and you won’t regret. Our latest model sedans are tastefully polished and you can choose your dream model whenever you feel like it.

In Wokingham, there are taxi operators who limit your choices when it comes to distance, purpose and choice of vehicle. Travel Eaze leaves it up to you. We listen to your specifications and work hand in hand with you to choose an option that is perfectly suited to your needs. We never use pushy marketing tactics, and we advise you whenever you want to make a decision regarding the best 8-9 seat minibus hire vehicle to pick. .

There are group travel options that fit your family or larger traveling entourage. We make sure that your group won’t lack a practical option. Not only do we make booking easy for taxi Wokingham vehicles, but we throw in a discount anytime you book in advance. Our competitors are in it for the money and they barely give you a cut. When we provide group travel packages, we give you fixed and upfront quotes, it helps you budget for your trip.

10-12 Seat Minibus Hire

Travel Eaze is fully cognizant of the various needs that a 10-12 passenger group is likely to present. Our staff is veterans in the Wokingham taxi industry and they know how to handle every reservation you make. Some people want these minibuses for a night out and others want to travel to a sporting event. We ensure that everything you need is on board. We have installed GPS tracking tools, and we know your location in real time. If you run into some unexpected and rare trouble, we will be with you before you panic.

14-16 Seat Minibus Hire

Consider Travel Eaze whenever you want more luggage space in your 16 seater minibus. This option can be used for various purposes. Your sightseeing tour with your family to various attractions in and out of Wokingham will end up successful and fun in one of these minibuses. There are more models than you can think of even if your group is made up of so many bunches of 16 passengers. The 16-18 seat minibus hire option is perfect for a group that requires more room, more on-board features and a whole lot of fun on the road.

Airport Taxi

Choose Travel Eaze if you want your airport transfer to be on time. We have an executive taxi fleet that caters to the whims of small and established flyers. Don’t be duped into paying for airport transfer services by a cheap taxi firm that is known for dirt cheap services.

Our services and prices are on another level. Call us today.

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