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14-16 Seater Minibus Hire

If you are planning a relaxing group holiday or business trip anywhere in Windsor or Bracknell, Travel Eaze presents you the 14-16 seater minibus hire proposition. We cater to the budgets of different travellers; local and international. The hurdles associated with moving 16 passengers from one point to another will come to an end when you call Travel Eaze day or night. What’s more, we are always listening to the needs of different groups, and we use technology to better our service delivery.

In Ascot, the best taxi outfit in the same league as Travel Eaze will transport your group in spacious, clean and air-conditioned minibuses. We offer out 16 seater vehicles in pristine conditions. The weather out there need not be a threat. We make sure that the climate control features makes the journey warm in winter and you can control on board climate to cool if you are traveling during the hot summer. The amenities inside these minibuses will not let the boredom creep in at any one time. If you are done with the warm banter on board, you can choose to play music, videos or fun games to add to the fun.

High-Grade Models with Chauffeurs

The 14-16 seater minibus hire vehicles from Travel Eaze can only be described as high grade models. The design is viable for city and country travel. We never hire buses from third parties and we don’t trade your group to other taxi firms to make a commission. The booking process is easy. Visit our website and use the booking tool or you can do so on the go via the booking app.

We Will Make Your Itinerary Smooth

Whether you want to visit Bagshot or Wokingham, Travel Eaze will make your itinerary as smooth as possible. If you want to experience comfort and luxury during your airport transfer, your group will enjoy the suave interiors, and our knowledgeable drivers will answer every question you may have. If it’s a special interest group, we have minibuses that offer wheelchair access and child seats. Travel Eaze is committed to providing a minibus service that complies with safety regulations and still delivers the professionalism and quality of services your group of 16 passengers deserves.

14-16 Seater Minibus Hire Tours

If you want to sample the amazing sight and landscape in Ascot, we provide 14-16 seater minibuses that come with open rooftops. We want you to take in the scenery in and out of town without craning your necks too long. The minibuses come with large tour bus windows, Recliner seating and a cosy interior. Nobody loves tours in a crammed up and uncomfortable vehicle. The price for the 16 passenger minibus is affordable. Your group can share the costs and you can be on your way in a cosy late Mercedes sprinter model.

There is no other taxi service provider with the kind of reviews and positive testimonials like Travel Eaze. We are Ascots best, if you want great value for your money. Call us today.

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