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Executive Taxi

For all your executive travel needs in Ascot, call Travel Eaze and you will never look back. We are not the average down the block executive taxi outfit, but our reputation goes before us. We have been providing VIP travel packages for individual and groups who wish to sample Ascot in style. We offer nothing short of royalty treatment when you decide to make us your VIP travel partner.

Image Is Everything

At Travel Eaze, we don’t brag or make promises we cannot keep. If we say we will pick you in the latest Bentley Mulsanne, we do exactly that. Other lowly operators will give you substandard services that are nowhere near executive travel standards. Don’t be fooled by their prices, they will take your money and send barely serviced, dirty and stuffy Mercedes model to drive you to the conference center.

At Travel Eaze, we know that image is everything. When you want to attend a global convention in Ascot. We make sure that we drive you there in these sophisticated models that make you and your brand the talk of the event. We have drivers who are trained and skilled in handling top level delegates and they dress to look executive as well. If you are heading for an exploration tour in Ascot, we make sure that you arouse curiosity wherever you go. We have all the latest models that spruce up your image and personality.

We Are Recommended and Highly Reviewed

For more than 15 years, Travel Eaze has managed to carve a name for itself. We are recommended and highly reviewed than many high end taxi firms that broke into the Ascot private travel sector years before us. We value our customers more than the money. As such, we work extra hard to ensure that you are pampered and treated like a deserving executive. We never rely on outdated vehicles, unless you want us to pick you up in our vintage car models for the special event.

Can Travel Eaze deliver remarkable VIP travel for a large entourage? We have a fleet you cannot exhaust. Your celebrity entourage visiting Bracknell or Wokingham will have all the vehicle models they want. In fact, we allow customers to pick and switch these models according to their wishes.

We Anticipate Your ETA

There is no need to pick executive taxi services from a company that doesn’t deliver on time. VIP service and punctuality go hand in hand. We know how to anticipate your ETA and we do our level best to dispatch the vehicle you want to any location in Bagshot or Windsor.

There are no charges for door to door pickups and drop offs. In fact, this is offered as standard feature. Travel Eaze will provide you with upfront VIP travel quotes for individuals and groups. We are in the business of helping you with budgeting, trip planning and delivering the most alluring VIP taxi packages. Call us today.

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