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10-12 Seater Minibus Hire

Moving from point A to B in Ascot can be hectic. Whether you are a local or a foreign traveling as a group of 9, you need a suitable means of transport for a day or for an extended stay. Travel Eaze comes in handy as your go-to travel Service Company. We have all the industry knowledge to help us anticipate the needs of a group like yours. The fact that we have been doing this for the last 15 years makes it easier for us to deliver top notch services. The fly by night taxi outfits will try to sell you an 8-9 passenger package, but they end up messing travellers all the time.

Pick Travel Eaze to Provide Solutions

In Ascot, the high traffic situation on major roads can make group travel a challenge. To make it easy for you and your entourage, pick a taxi outfit that knows the route well. It’s an advantage to pick Travel Eaze to provide you the kind of group travel solution, if you are having a difficult time. The good news is that Travel Eaze has immense hands on experience in providing exceptional services for local and international businesses and leisure groups. We have the best fleet, if you want the 10-12 seater minibuses.

We Never Force Customers

What makes Travel Eaze different from our competitors in this category? Simply, we know how to handle groups that approach us with different needs. We never force customers to take up travel packages that don’t suit their needs. Unlike some of our dishonest competitors, our objective isn’t to make more money out of unsuspecting clients. We strive to revolutionize the local Bagshot and Windsor taxi industry by offering quality and customer satisfaction. We never short change you since there’s no group travel request we cannot handle according to customer specifications.

Like any reputable taxi outfit that offers the 10-12 seater minibus hire package, we have all the resources and people to make our customers trip a success. Some players don’t have the kind of fleet that appeals to customers. Travel Eaze has invested heavily in the provision of latest models that are customized and roadworthy. We ensure that our fleet is compliant with road regulations including full insurance just in case. We don’t brag, but our minibus models are barely one year old. Other than the frequent servicing, we make sure that we refresh the fleet every now and then. We embrace the green concept by purchasing fuel efficient and environmentally friendly models.

A Guarantee of Best Prices and Customer Safety

With a guarantee of best prices and customer safety, Travel Eaze goes ahead to hire highly trained and CRB safe drivers. Other providers will hire second rated drivers who are paid less in an attempt of the company to save more. Travel Eaze knows the importance of hiring certified drivers who are honest courteous and well groomed. We want you and your group to remember Travel Eaze as the most dependable taxi travel company to call next time you visit.

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