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8-9 Seater Minibus Hire

The number of bucket list activities and must attend events happening in Ascot around the year will make you and your family want to sample Ascots best. You can’t afford to ruin your vacation time worrying over how to get parking or how to get through the airport before and after check-in. If you are a local travelling troupe, you still need a service provider that can move you and your luggage hassle free. Travel Eaze will put your worries to rest and you can enjoy your trip inside our 8-9 seater minibus hire vehicles.

Do you want to do a long trip out of the busy Wokingham and Windsor highways? The 8 seater minibuses we provide are up to the task. Don’t fall prey to taxi operators whose buses cannot travel 50 miles without breaking down. With Travel Eaze, all you get is a smooth ride from start to finish. We procure and customized these minibuses to withstand heavy tonnage and long distance travel. If you have been thinking of a trip out of the city, our 9 seater minibuses guarantee you excellent on the road performance. Since they are serviced and repaired regularly, we guarantee you zero mechanical breakdown issues.

What You Get From Our 8-9 Seater Minibus Hire Service

Cost Savings

In a group of 9 passengers, Travel Eaze offers you the chance to save on trip costs. With your family or friends car you have to spend money on fuel and parking. With us, you only pool less per person and save the rest to spice up things on your journey. The ease and comfort is yours to sample. No more designated driver for your group. We will provide a chauffeur with the minibus.

Luxury Travel

The 8-9 seat minibuses from Travel Eaze comes fitted with the latest entertainment and comfort features. We have Wi-Fi, LCD screens, recliner seats, cup holder’s, air con and cable TV. We make sure that the vehicle is decked with every feature you request. Don’t choose minibuses from second rate taxi firms, they will disappoint you.

Driver Knowledge

If you want to relax and enjoy the sights of Ascot, you only need to give your driver the direction you want to go. From there, no more worrying whether. Travel Eaze works with drivers who have been on the Bagshot and Bracknell roads for close to 15 years. These drivers are tour guides by right. They know where the action is and they won’t rush you until you have enjoyed to your fill. Nothing can be more stressful than choosing a 9 seater minibus from a taxi firm whose drivers know nothing about the local attractions and routes.


In our 8-9 seat minibus hire vehicles, Travel Eaze guarantees your safety and security. We make sure that your car doesn’t stall and that you are rescued first if you encounter a mishap. Our minibuses are GPS-racked in real time.

We offer you peace of mind inside our 9 seater minibuses. Try us today.

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